Who said running a business was a walk in the park? Nope, not us! Is it a blast, though? Absolutely! The ride with Elizabeth An’Marie has been nothing short of an epic adventure. There have been moments of "What am I even doing?" , alongside the triumphs and, let's be honest, a few "Oops, maybe not" moments. But guess what? It's all part of the magic.

I've bumped into incredible souls, outdone my own expectations, and discovered the gold mine that is the value of our brand. And yes, someone in the know once blew my mind by saying our prices were way too modest! Trying to squeeze into a standard mold? Been there, done that, and it's a no-go. It's time to embrace the unique fabulousness of Elizabeth An’Marie, recognizing it's worth way more than I've admitted.

The journey's been intense - talk about a full-body workout! Every stitch, knit, and weave is a testament to our dedication. It's high time I acknowledged my worth and the value of our creations. So, brace yourselves for some electrifying changes! We're talking no more underselling, no more sidelining our brilliance.  

A gigantic THANK YOU to our ever-expanding customers. Each new customer is a sparkly addition to our growing circle of awesomeness. Here's to valuing ourselves and our work like never before! Let's keep this party going! 

Website will be back open shortly. Just making a few changes.

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